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Ok so this is a rant idgaf who reads this I just need to ugh

Police are supposed to make you feel safe. Sure, if you're doing something wrong they will stop you, but all in all, they're supposed to be nice and make people in the community feel safe.

Not in my fucking town.

Some shit went down one day when I skipped school. Mind you, I've skipped before, but this time the school bugged and called the police. The police shows up at my friends house (because I was there), and her mom's boyfriend and cousin were smoking pot. So shit goes down, blah blah, but I eventually get out of the house and everything is good.

But it's not? The fucking police tapped my phone. So they can read my texts, they can hear my calls, they can find out where I am and such.
They show up wherever I go, stopping me and telling me to take out anything 'illegal' in my bag. They called child services on my parents multiple times, and they keep intruding in my fucking life. Chances are they will see this, and I really don't give a fuck.

I feel trapped. I'm constantly anxious and on edge. It isnt because I'm doing something wrong or illegal, because trust me, I'm not fucking up any more. I'm basically straightedge now except for cigarettes, but ill quit those eventually too. I'm anxious because I feel watched, it's eerie as fuck. And it's scary. At this rate, I'd honestly rather NOT call the police during an actual emergency. I don't feel safe around them, and I don't feel safe in my town. Fuck this.

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